American airlines swot analysis

It is also one of the largest airlines with a large fleet and passengers. The headquarters of the company are in Fort Worth.

American airlines swot analysis

It operates in the main cities of America where its hubs are located in nine cities out of 15 big cities of US and also as an international airline. The American airline has its business strategies like direct flights to main business cities of the world.

The other strategic position of this company is dominating in the home transport network. Its global trust in comparison to other airlines has placed this company in a very suitable position though competition is always acceptable Airport-la. The home transport network of this company is the most important strategy that has helped in building the cornerstone of business competition Aa.

Once a company has been recognized and voted in to be the best locally, there are little chances of it losing customers both locally and even internationally. The swot analysis is therefore conducted to help in determining the surrounding and available opportunities of a company to solve problems and make decisions Berry, The SWOT analysis in this company is a way of identifying threats, weakness, strengths and the weakness of the company.

These tools of SWOT analysis are divided into the internal and external environment. The company's internal environments are company's strengths and its weaknesses while the external tools are the opportunities available outside for competition with other companies and the threats from the surrounding communities and other companies.

Internal Environment Elements The internal environment of this company in composed of the human resource which is composed of the managerial system, workers, volunteers, and the business target population. Another element of the internal environment is the physical resource of the company which is defined by the building structures, the company location, equipment and its sources of income.

Other elements of the internal environment of this company are its activities and planned events. The experience of the company is also an internal environment that can be used to find out and solve any problem being experienced by the company.

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Through the guide of SWOT analysis information of the internal environment is gathered from the main elements. When gathering the internal environment of the company which is used to identify the strengths and weakness of the company.

Strengths The strengths of the American airline are the availability of a good number of workers, connection to the world market, and good location of its main hubs Aa. Also, to the strengths, the available equipment that helps the workers conduct their allocated duties in the company and space availability for the workers are also strengths of this company.

The important information about the strengths of this company is how effective are they and their contribution. Using the example of a large number of workers, they may help in maximizing the profit of the company and in another way they can create losses to the company.

The company's equipment like cars and office furniture are motivator tools to the workers. The American airline as a company needs to balance on the cost of this equipment with their contributions to the company. In the strengths of the American airline company, availability of workers and volunteers as a basic need for this company has promoted this company through improvements in its efficiency Air Transport Research Society When a problem exists in this company, the information to be gathered in trying to solve this problem is how the workers are relating to providing teamwork.

Some strengths of the American airline can be positive and at the same time have a negative impact on the company. The primary business objective of profit maximization is a key factor to consider when conducting employment for the American airline company and equipping the company.

The weaknesses of this company are poor management system, lack of motivation to the workers, lack of teamwork and appropriate scheme of service for every staff in the company. The effect of any existing weakness in a company is that the company will not be in a position to maximize on the profit as targeted.

When these gaps develop, corruption is the major attack on the company which is the reason these companies record many losses. Within a given time, with these companies experiencing a lot of corruption they are ending up recording a bankruptcy state. Lack of motivation and appropriate scheme of service for the workers contributes to reluctance.

Corruption in the American Airline Company as a weakness facing the entire company is a source of losses in the company. The American airline company is taxed by the American government and payment of its legal business documents.

Corruption losses are added to other cash outflows of the business. When balancing the cash flow, the inflow is compared to the outflow whereby when the outflow exceeds the inflow, the company experiences a loss. Lack of teamwork and cooperation among the workers of this company is a weakness contributing to poor services to the customers.

Having in mind that the American airline company is facing stiff competition from other airlines both domestic and from other countries, there is a need for cooperation in by the workers. Hospitality in the services provided through good relationship among the workers will contribute to a better rating of the company by the customers.

Another weakness facing the American airline company is the financial position of the company where fluctuations of profits are experienced yearly Hub.This is a detailed SWOT analysis of the American Airlines. The company should provide better features and facilities on its international flights.

The company should increase the . A Swot Analysis Of American Airline. Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, Last Edited: The utilization of a PEST analysis with regard to American Airlines takes into account the political, economic, social and technological (NetMBA, ) environment the industry is embroiled in and how this has, is and will threaten to impact.

American Airlines knows that in order to be profitable they have to be equipped to service their passengers to ensure they have he ultimate experience in air travel.

American Airlines Company Profile - SWOT Analysis

This will assure that they have repeat passengers and new customers. Their fleet is definitely an organizational strength as it enables AA to keep up with the [ ]. American Airlines Company Profile - SWOT Analysis: Following a period of a weakened value sales performance and agressive investments in new products.

Jun 15,  · Re: SWOT ANALYSIS ON American Airlines - June 15th, Definition of Swot analysis A SWOT analysis (alternatively SWOT matrix) is a structured planning method used to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats involved in a project or in a business venture.

American airlines swot analysis

This concise SWOT analysis of American Airlines aims to address some of the internal and the external factors that affect American Airlines.

It aims to analyse the strengths and the weaknesses of the airline.

American Airlines Company Profile - SWOT Analysis