Case analysis managing pibrex russia a

Managing Pibrex Russia B: Rachel Doern, Carl Fey Pibrex is one of the world's largest developers of petrochemical-based polymers for the plastics market. This case illustrates what the management team has done to begin a turnaround of the firm and also highlights the many problems that remain.

Case analysis managing pibrex russia a

Yammer or Stormboard Removes time pressure. Allows all V-team members to contribute, regardless of their social presence or influence. Generating ideas independently avoids groupthink and herding effects, and leads to better alternatives.

Making decisions convergent thinking Informed decision by leadership, or virtual polls, e. Doodle or ADoodle After generating and discussing strong alternatives, anonymous voting or further comments can help prevent groupthink and allow V-teams to take decisive action quickly.

Preparing reports Collaboration tools, e. Google Documents Allows V-team members to work on the same document simultaneously, see the history of document changes, and keep information in the same place.

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Scheduling meetings Online calendar or scheduling, e. MeetingWizard This should be simple and as painless as possible. No need to waste human resources on something we know technology can accomplish.

However, keep in mind timezones of all team members when providing options. Building relationships In person, videoconference, telephone in that order of preference.

In person relationship-building is always preferable, but not always possible. Schedule regular conversations not only with direct reports, but their direct reports.

If there is more information to present use the 3-minutre ruleit should be a video. Creating a video bank also helps with knowledge management, and bringing new team members up to speed quickly.

Sharing information and updates Internal blog or social network e. Yammer Some organisations e. Tata Consultancy Services are de-emphasising email. Instead, they use internal blogs and social networks to share updates and provide an opportunity for V-team members to discuss the content.

There is a new breed of online platforms that bundle together multiple kinds of collaboration tools for use by V-teams. Of these, Slack is currently the most prominent. Provide more structure, not less: Leaders need to be more structured and proactive than they would when managing face-to-face teams.

Ways to form effective performance habits include: Slow down to speed up: Language and cultural differences can create misunderstandings and communication difficulties for virtual teams. This can be addressed by ensuring that teams take time to get to know each other and set group norms during the formation or project kick off stage e.

The use of paraphrasing can help listeners check their understanding of what is being said or not said. Develop a role charter: Lack of accountability can be an issue for virtual teams, particularly when working cross-functionally.

Leaders need to be vigilant about defining and communicating roles in virtual teams to prevent diffusion of responsibility. In addition to this, both team leaders and team members particularly new members are recommended to get to know the strengths and capabilities of their virtual team mates.

Relationships take extra time, effort, and money to build: Virtual teams often spend too little time engaging in the types of social conversations that happen naturally when teams are face-to-face.View your search results, narrow your criteria, browse inspection copies, instructor materials, and add items to your The Case Centre is dedicated to advancing the case method worldwide, sharing knowledge, wisdom and experience to inspire and transform business education across the globe.

Case analysis managing pibrex russia a

27 September An analysis of the case: Managing Pibrex Russia (A) New crisis, old grievances Background Pibrex, a European leader in the production and development of polymers, faces the loss of its three Russian subsidiaries.

Case Study X* - Moscow Region, Russia * This case study was prepared by V.

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A. Vladimirov X.1 Introduction The Russian Federation state report "Drinking Water" issued in , highlighted among other things the ongoing deterioration in water quality and in the reliability of the Moscow region drinking water supply (State Report, ). Pibrex is one of the largest developers of petrochemical polymers for the plastics market.

The company has purchased a plant in Russia and named after three years of heavy operating losses has a new general manager of the plant. Having a change management control process in place ahead of time may reduce the cost of hindrances to leading innovation and change s.

The growth of a company is a process. Managing Pibrex Russia (B): Developing Organizational Strategies to Ensure Sustainable Profitability Case Solution, Pibrex is one of the largest developers of petrochemical polymers for the plastics market.

This case shows that the management team has done to begin the t.

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