Causes of unemployement in pakistan

Since the dawn of human history, individual needs have been prioritized by every human being.

Causes of unemployement in pakistan

The overall population change is 2. The issue still remains that the supply of Labor force is ample due to a big size of inhabitants, but the available vacancies are less. The rural population is more as there is less awareness when it comes to contraceptives, education is not prioritized and many also keep having kids to have more sons.

Lack of Foreign Direct Investment There have been major threats in Pakistan from inside and outside terrorist activities.

Causes of unemployement in pakistan

Due to lack of jobs, some of the many unemployed individuals become vulnerable and opt to earn via various crimes. This uncertainty leaves a void when it comes to foreign direct investment. People are reluctant in investing in a Pakistan, which is a gold mine with ample resources.

Thanks to the All Mighty, the situation has become much better in the last year and we have seen an increase in investments.

Polling for National, Sindh & KP assemblies underway

If people become more prone to invest in Pakistan, this would create many jobs for skilled and unskilled labor. A popular example of how FDI leads to jobs is Gawadar. Fuel for the fire Pakistan has an abundance in natural resources, the issue here is that we are not utilizing them properly as no one is on the same page.

Greed and individualism is eating our society. If the government and people tap these needed resources a lot of industries can be set up thus creating jobs.

Due to a lack of resources, basic necessities like electricity is not supplied as per the demand. This in turn keeps many factories either closing up or relying on expensive alternatives such as generators.

Causes of unemployement in pakistan

Supplying proper electricity and Gas across the nation would also get the ball rolling in reducing unemployment. The Urban population may be benefiting from the private school systems, but the government schools are far from the needed standards.

The education board needs to implement certain standards across the country. A proper education system would lead to people from Rural and Urban population to gain proper education.

If the system of Public schools is improved, the literacy rate and unemployment rate both would improve. Corruption is not just on the accounts of politicians and the wealthy business men, everyone plays some part.

A politician swindling money, a taxpayer lying on his or her documents, or an employee accepting a bribe all fall under the same heading. End of the day the money meant for the public does not exist. Merit over Nepotism Nepotism in essence is favoritism towards an individual because of his or her legacy or because of his or her status.

Due to people being chosen because of their references, many individuals who shine on merits are left behind.Unemployment is a massive social issue in Pakistan which threatens to disrupt the national social fabric of country. It is a major cause of other social problems like poverty, illiteracy, street crime etc.

A concerted and coordinated effort of all stakeholders is needed to tackle the menace of unemployment in Pakistan. The first cause of unemployment or joblessness in Pakistan is worsening law and order situation. Owing to this negative social phenomenon, foreign direct investment is sliding down to the bottom.

According to the economic survey of Pakistan, in the current decade FDI was minimum last year. ©The Pakistan Development Review 4 Part II (Winter ) pp.

– Causes of Youth Unemployment in Pakistan WAQQAS QAYYUM* 1. INTRODUCTION Over the years, many less developed nations and the developing nations have tried to wipe-out the intensity of unemployment, which seems quite prevalent and widespread among these . Causes of Unemployment in Pakistan Unemployment Unemployment is an economic term.

It means the percentage of labour force without job. It is a global problem.


Unemployment is on its peak in Pakistan. According to the recent statistics, approximately percent of labour force is unemployed in Pakistan.

It is increasing day by day. At this point in time, almost every youngster in Pakistan endorses the fact that the country is currently plagued by sheer unemployment.

Six Causes Of Unemployment In Pakistan in - Social Glitches

Why is it that a considerable proportion of our youth is currently unemployed? There are several reasons behind it that must be analysed first retrospectively. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

Unemployment in Pakistan - Causes & Solution