Strategic group map for energy drink

The following article comes to us from our friends at Strategic Relocation and has been contributed by well known relocation specialist Joel Skousen. As is usually the case with Mr. Though this review centers in large part on Northern Idaho, the many variables involved in finding your perfect home are discussed and can be applied to potential retreat locations anywhere in the country.

Strategic group map for energy drink

The business climate in the state has always been welcoming and advantageous, as has the cost of living, which is far lower than states like California or New York.

But, like any retreat area in the country, it is not without its drawbacks. Whether you are looking at Texas as a possibility or not, the following analysis from Joel Skousen guides you through the pros and cons of finding that perfect homestead and highlights key considerations such as metro areas and their suburban extensions, water availability and future trends as they relate to population growth.

All of these points are essential to making the right decision. For insights on other areas of the country and world we recommend reading previous Strategic Relocation Briefings from Mr.

A Longhorn enjoys the expansive landscape in Texas Hill Country. Texas has a wide range of climate because of its size.

Eastern Texas has a Gulf Coastal climate with more rain than west Texas, lending to its pine forests, deep soil, and good growing conditions.

Texas gets a lot of sun so solar potential is good in the East and excellent in the drier West. Overall, the cost of living in Texas is the 6th lowest in nation, partly owing to its lack of an income tax.

Stay some distance from large commercial farms where extensive fertilization of crops and spraying of chemicals takes place.

Air pollution is not a big problem in Texas except in the major cities. Texas is a conservative state although the large cities always tend to favor more liberal policies and the social welfare state—owing mostly to the liberal mainstream media, which dominates all large metro areas.

Corruption in Texas government and police is very high, including the metro level. Gun liberty is pretty good in Texas. Open carry of a handgun is not permitted except on your own property, but long guns are allowed in open carry in rural areas.

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Alternative Medicine is allowed with the full range of natural health practices. Home Schooling is nearly unfettered with the state which requires no notification, nor test scores. Overall, I rate Texas pretty high except around the major cities.

But in the long-term my assessment of Texas will always be diminishing due to the flood of illegal immigration, accompanied by crime, welfare dependency and socialist political trends—all of this encouraged or tacitly encouraged by the globalist multicultural conflict agenda guiding the current administration.

Sadly, conservative Texans are easily fooled by politicians who talk and walk like traditional Texans and who say what conservatives want to hear, but are in league with powerful and corrupt national forces which intend to subvert traditional values in this once great state.

In general, because of the sheer size of this state, you can find medium-term safety in most rural areas away from the Mexican border and enjoy a fairly low cost lifestyle—at least for the present. But, keep in mind that many areas of Texas, especially in the humid Gulf Coast, cities like Houston have only grown large due to air conditioning.

Without it life is pretty miserable during the summers. All of the major metros in Texas are too big to survive social unrest in a major crisis, so you should plan on a rural retreat—and those should not be toward the south where the influx of immigrants are already becoming the majority.

Strategic group map for energy drink

If you must live near one of the large metro areas, you should locate in the suburban towns on the outer ring of any metro area. And within those suburban towns, you should also be located near the least populated segments leading away from cities.

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In the Houston area, you want to locate on the periphery in a northerly arc, centered around Spring Texas. You best retreat sites are NW into the pine country of East Texas.

This is the beautiful pine country near the Louisiana border and the Gulf Coast.

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