Strategies for writing across the curriculum examples

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Strategies for writing across the curriculum examples

Procedures Have your students close their eyes and listen as you describe a familiar object in the classroom. Ask students to raise their hands if they think they know what the object is.

Ask students to list the descriptive words that helped them identify the object.

Bilingual Education Strategies – Writing Across the Curriculum

Would they have known the object if you had not used those words? Discuss the importance of using descriptive words in written stories. Have students watch Writing Strategies. Then ask them to share other descriptive words they would use to identify elephants or the dog breeds shown in the program.

Share some examples of how descriptive words make stories clearer and more interesting. List the names of common household or classroom items on the board or on a piece of chart paper where students can see it.

As a class, brainstorm words that describe the items. Write these descriptive words on the board or chart paper and talk about them.

Which words are more descriptive than others?

strategies for writing across the curriculum examples

Which words are less descriptive? Which words can be used to describe more than one item in the list? Which words help clearly identify an item? Ask students to think of other common items and keep their ideas to themselves.

Tell them that they will write a descriptive paragraph about one item without writing the name of it. Each paragraph should be at least five sentences and describe such details as the item's appearance, how heavy it is, what it is used for, its color, and where it is found; students should not reveal the name of the item in their paragraphs.

Explain that students will read other students' finished paragraphs to see if they can figure out the items based on the descriptive words.

strategies for writing across the curriculum examples

Give students time in class to write their paragraphs. Remind them to use as many descriptive words as they can, without naming the item. Discuss the importance of using clear, complete sentences and following the basic rules of writing.There are three types of rhetorical appeals, or persuasive strategies, used in arguments to support claims and respond to opposing arguments.

or a chemical spill across campus. There is no reason, without more evidence, to assume the water caused the person to be sick. Writing the Curriculum Vitae; Sample Résumés.

Sample Résumés;. use academic structures for research and/or formal writing. Examples include essays that deal with specific questions or problems, letters, projects, and This online document was created as a sample of writing across the curriculum strategies which can be applied to the social studies classroom.

They include strategies to assist students in.

Bilingual Education Strategies – Writing Across the Curriculum

Reading and Writing to Research is a content material materials area helpful useful resource for teachers and discusses learning and writing instruction evaluation and locations it into apply across . A Range of Writing Across the Content Areas By: Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey As part of building the writing prowess of students, they must write routinely, both short and long pieces.

The advantage of a successful cross-curriculum integration is that students will begin to see knowledge as interdependent and connected rather than as individual, For example, a class studying (like historical eras, scientific principles, or mathematical formulas) and the appropriate skills (like reading strategies, critical thinking.

“The value of writing across the curriculum is that it lets the teacher know whether a student is grasping the lesson or not. You can’t write about it if you’re not getting the lesson.

Integrated reading & writing strategies